28. januar 2009

Jeg elsker dig MERE, Lykke Li.

Mere Lykke Li til folket. Den smukkeste sang nogensinde er lige blevet uploadet af selveste Lykke Li på vimeo.com:

Lykke Li - Tonight from Lykke Li on Vimeo.

På facebook skrev hun følgende meddelelse:
Hello my dearest people.
I have returned from my internet exile and I am now sitting at my kitchen table with a cracked computer screen with an equally nostalgic feeling. It’s a new day, but also a new year since I talked to you last and oh woman what a year. I have the memory off a gold fish so I actually can't even remember everything that has happened this last year. Some things spring to my mind though....Like did I really duet with Q-Tip, did I actually go bush walking in Tasmania, did I actually take 2000 flights and survived them all? If I can come to any conclusion I have to say music is life but nature is vital and really, I know nothing at all, still. Okay enough of the Scientology...I have other news for you Americans!

I am coming back once more for an over the moon and sky tour. I couldn't believe it the last time and I can't believe it again. You got the fever and I am your soup! With me I bring my one and only band and also my amazingly talented friends Wildbirds&Peacedrums. If you're looking for some Swedish Swagger (shy and intimate) this is the place to be! Look at the schedule and get your tickets before it is toooooooo late.
Tooooo late!
And yes another thing... You might have noticed I got the nature fever. So I felt a great need to peel of all that is unnecessary and live in the moment and take away the possibility to correct my mistakes. So here is a one take totally live “take it or leave it I will survive take” of my song “Tonight”. It might be gone tomorrow so if you like it spread it on the world wide web thing where you kids hang... Check it here:


Filmed by Christian Haag.

Hope to see you at the shows and oh! Also check my My Space cause I’m giving away intimate confessions for free.

Times a wastin'

Times are a changin'

Love, love


2 kommentarer:

Julie Amos sagde ...

Ohh, tak for tippet!
Nej hvor er den smuk. Hun har simpelthen så dejlig og sød en stemme.

Kia sagde ...

Hun er skøn! Jeg bliver altid meget sentimental når jeg hører denne.. :)