8. januar 2009

Love from Courtney.

Courtney Love on fashion:
"In 2004, no designer would lend me an outfit for the Grammys. So I wore a $32 vintage dress in defiance. I was so upset that even my friend Donatella Versace wouldn’t dress me that I called up the photographer David LaChapelle, crying. He said, 'When did you buy into all this? When did you start caring?' And I thought, you are so right. Go to a vintage store and make your own style from now on."
(Source - elleuk.com)
P.S - Tillykke Maria! Min lillesøster bliver 19 år idag!

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Sïdsel sagde ...

Courtney ROCKS.

Kia sagde ...

Det er nemlig lige præcis det hun gør! :)